Adult ministries

There are people of all ages and from various backgrounds and occupations in our congregation. We emphasize Bible teaching because we believe God has given us, in His Word, everything we need to live our lives for Him and not for ourselves.


    SUNDAYS FROM 9:30-10:30am

    Bible Fellowships, the name describes well what they are all about:

    Bible - in order for us to have a growing relationship with God, we believe people need to grow in their knowledge of who God is, what He thinks, how He acts, what He says and that comes through a deeper and firmer knowledge of the Bible.

    Fellowship - knowing the Bible is not enough for people to grow the way God intends. To grow like that, one needs to develop relationships with other believers and join together in this pursuit of God.




    Along with weekly Women's Bible study groups "GIRLFRIENDS UNLIMITED" is open to all women 18 and older. The philosophy of this ministry is to:


    Give women connections through welcoming get-togethers, inspiring small groups and other activities providing simple ways for women to connect and begin new friendships.


    Give women community, a place where everyone knows your name and where friendships deepen as they enjoy a true sense of belonging.


    Give women Jesus. Leading and discipling women to discover a growing friendship with Jesus as they worship, study, experience and explore their faith together.


    Give women growth. Encourage dynamic leaders to emerge as they discover resources that guide and coach them into reaching their full potential - as they grow in leadership skills, service and outreach.

         Many occasions are provided for service, spiritual growth, fellowship and encouragement as we grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. For more information you can contact the church office or email Rachel Bugher at